8 Week Training Session

Certified Fitness Trainers

Certified Coaches

Nurse on site

Referrals by Case Managers or Physicians

Fun group exercises

Interactive sports engagement

Body mechanics and healthy eating

Metabolic monitoring

Set your own goals


Improve the health and wellness of clients who struggle from metabolism problems as a result of antipsychotic medications.


Feeling sluggish; Lack of motivation
Increased metabolic conditions such as Diabetes, hyperlipidemia, increased risk of stroke, and myocarditis
Decrease in self-esteem, and decrease in community engagement


Fitness class outside business hours
Allow client to work and go to school

Free of charge
Eliminate burden of costs and seeking funding

Metabolic Monitoring
Keep track and monitor progress


Group workouts for motivation
You’re not the only one!!

Eating well and looking forward to something can help with feeling sluggish and slow

Correct meal planning, and meal relacements