About Us

About Espoir For All Society

Espoir For All Society (Espoir Society) is a community services organization based in Surrey. Our objective is to help the less fortunate and the more vulnerable in our community; services support refugees/ new immigrants, low income families, youths, people living with mental illness/ autism. Espoir Society has three branches; Espoir Soccer (kids soccer program), the I.A.M. Youths (youth group: 15yrs – 24yrs) and Tariro Services (for persons living with mental illness/ autism). As an organization, our mission is to make a positive impact in our immediate community through each of these branches.

We work hard to make sure new immigrants and persons from low-income families have improved opportunities for success in our community. We work to reduce stigma on mental illness/ autism within our community by working directly with the individuals stigmatized, as well as by educating the community about individuals living with mental illness/ autism. We are dedicated to helping youths pave a path to better future through volunteering, free tutoring services, and educating them about the community they live in.