Espoir Soccer is a non-profit program that provides youth soccer coaching for children in low-income families, including new immigrants and refugees. It is designed to break financial barriers that restrict any child from participating in organized sports. In addition, the program gives an opportunity for its participants to receive help in academics and English classes.


Our mission is to provide access to quality soccer training to all children by removing financial barriers. The organization was formed as an extension of an already existing profitable soccer program called 2in1soccer. 2in1Soccer has been running successfully since 2012, with now over 400 children registered. Although successful at reaching children who were unable to register for soccer clubs, the prices charged at 2in1soccer meant that low income children could not afford to register. Due to the interest shown by families who were unable to pay, Espoir Soccer was birthed. The initiative of Espoir Soccer has received huge support in Surrey, even from charitable organizations such as S.U.C.C.E.S.S., Diversity, Umoja, School District 36; as well as the public.