I.A.M. Youths is a youth program provided by Espoir For All Society, designed to support youth between the ages of 15-24 years old. The purpose is to support youth with the right information and resources to build a better future. As well as helping troubled youths and anyone who falls in the age range, there’s also added focus on refugees and new immigrant youth, by supporting them in English speaking classes, transitioning to a new country/system, as well as provide volunteer opportunities.

The team of mentors who run this youth program are college students and working adults who are passionate about the youth. The team of mentors work on organizing projects and ideas that are most suiting to the group of youth that are currently registered to the program. Projects can vary from sightseeing Vancouver, ie, Science World, to completing certain courses like Foodsafe and First Aid/CPR. Some projects can be based on youth having a finance workshop, to substance misuse workshop.

Some volunteering opportunities arise as projects in order to help boost their resumes. Volunteering opportunities will range from working at the Foodbank, working with homeless people, or even working with elderly.

In order to fully support the youth, we intend to empower them. In order to empower the youth, there are certain workshops and classes that are carried out. Although most sessions are run together, there is different focuses amongst the youth, in order to fully empower each youth. Below is a map of how there would be a certain focuses amongst the youth.

Koffee With Kuda

Addiction Prevention Interviews