Koffee With Kuda is a YouTube series where the host, Kuda Mabiza, interviews individuals who have experienced substance abuse and addiction. The goal of the project is to help remove stigma that comes with addiction. The project also promotes an understanding of trauma/ pain that causes addiction.

This series provides the “addicts” a platform to be heard, and a voice to educate the society, and in turn; helping us all to see the “person” in the “addict”. Hopefully we can finally get rid of labels, and only see “the person” #behindtheneedle.

This channel also provides hope to people who are still struggling in addiction. But most importantly, this channel is designed for youths who are facing hardships, to be educated on what trauma can lead to; and thus, encouraging the young victim to seek help today.

Another objective is to reduce the number of people who  may die from drug overdoses. As we are going through a pandemic, we are aware that people may turn to drugs and alcohol due to losing jobs, depression, being bored at home. Due to restrictions, some people have actually been forced to use drugs alone, increasing the risk of death from overdose. Koffee With Kuda will touch on all these areas so that the society may be educated about risks of trauma, substances, and addiction.