Koffee With Kuda is a YouTube series under the I.A.M Youth [Innovate.Aspire.Motivate.] category. All interviews will aim to bring Innovation, Aspiration, and Motivation.


The interviews are aimed at educating the youth about social factors that can deter them from completing their goals, so the youth can be lead to a successful future. The series aims to highlight every day struggles that youth may endure, by interviewing people who have endured the hardships, experienced the ups and downs, and are ready to share their stories for educational purposes.


Koffee With Kuda will hold interviews with people who have experienced substance abuse issues, mental health problems, criminal life and life behind bars, as well as entrepreneurs, actors, TV Personalities, musicians and many others whose stories help youth to be innovative, aspiring to be more, and be motivated to reach life goals.

Primary focus of the fist series is to interview individuals who have experienced substance abuse and addiction, with the goal to help remove stigma that comes with addiction. This should also provide hope to people who are still struggling in addiction. But most importantly, this should encourage youths who are facing hardships, to be educated on what untreated trauma can lead to; and thus, encouraging the victim to seek help.